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Cathiel Leather Repair is used to repair leather damage such as cracks and small holes or burnt leather brands and in imitation leather.

Not suitable for suede.

Contents: 10 ml of Clean B-3000 Cleaner, 15 ml Paste, Small Spatula and Instructions in English.

For worn and cracked (small cracks) leather, Cathiel Recolour Renovation Cream is recommended.

User Manual:

1. The area to be repaired must be clean and free of dust and fat.

Put a little B-3000 Cleaner on a clean cloth or a swab and gently rub it on the entire broken area. Let it dry for approx. 5 minutes before applying Leather Repair Paste.

2. Rub the Leather Repair Paste on the broken area using the spartle.

Make sure scratches will be filled up completely. Smooth Leather Repair Past out so that the new filling is not lower than the top of the broken area.

3. One filling is mostly enough, but the same procedure can easily be repeated on top of the first layer if the result is not satisfactory.

4. Allow to dry for 24 hours before commissioning.

5. After dry, the repaired area can be re -stained with Gold Quality Leather Tire Color or ROC Narvor, if needed.

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