Hynder til Arne Jacobsen Syver stolen

Luxury cushion to A.J. Seven (3107 + 3207) in dark brown

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Dark brown luxury leather cushion for Arne Jacobsen 3107 and 3207 Seven, Which makes the seating experience more comfortable and at the same time protects the chair. The leather cushion is adapted to the chair and is made with a non -slip leather material on the back.

Our luxury cushions are made in Semianilin leather, Which has a really good seating comfort. Ie That you still sit comfortably in your furniture and you still have a comfortable temperature when sitting on the cushion. The cushion is surface treated against dirt and grease, so you can easily wipe the cushion with a damp cloth.

Bonus info:

  • Soft leather
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Durable

Length: 39 cm / width: 44 cm / thickness is approx. 1.2 cm.

    Hynder Basic mørkebrun hynde til A.J. Syveren (3107 + 3207) - DesignGaragen.dk.