Collection: Cushions for Børge Mogensen J39 Folkestolen

Experience a new dimension of comfort with our luxurious leather cushion tailored to Børge Mogensen J39 Folkchair. This exclusive leather cushion is designed to improve your seating experience and is created with care to match the classic design of the J39 Folkchair.

Our leather cushion is not only functional but also versatile. It can be easily turned and used on both sides, allowing you to customize your chair to your preferences. In addition, it is specially adapted to the J39 Folkchair with a precise cut that fits the shape and legs of the seat, ensuring a perfect fit.

We have chosen to produce this cushion in semianilin quality leather, which is known for its extreme durability and beautiful aesthetics. This real leather is also surface treated to make sure it stays in top form for many years to come. Semianiline is synonymous with the highest quality in leather products and will give your J39 Folk chair a timeless and elegant expression.

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