Hynder til Hans J. Wegner CH36 stolen

Cushion for the Hans J. Wegner CH36 chair in black leather

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Black leather cushion to Hans J. Wegner CH36 chair which makes the seating experience more comfortable. The leather cushion is adapted to the chair and is made so it can be turned and used on both sides.

The cushion is adapted to CH36 chair And has a slice to the chair for and hind legs that make the cushion fit the seat.

The cushion is made In semianilin quality leather, Which is a truly durable leather and which is also surface treated. Semianilin is considered one of the highest qualities of leather.

Thickness approx. 3 cm


Cushion comes in 2 different depths - one is with depth 38 cm and the other with 41 cm
Check out which depth your chair is closest to and order from this

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